£8.4bn new £1m home for young couples

£8.4bn new £1m home for young couples

Young couples and families are being offered a huge home improvement project at a cost of more than £8bn.

A new £8 million home for two-parent families in Stroud will be built next month in the village of Ripstop Polyester.

The scheme is the biggest ever of its kind in England.

It will bring together more than 300 new homes with more than 60,000 square metres.

The new home will be the largest of its type in England, with an area of over 200,000 sq metres.

It is expected to be finished by the end of 2019.

The £1 million project was announced by Housing Minister Gavin Barwell.

“We want to create a thriving community in the Stroud area.

The area has been the heart of the Strictly Come Dancing village for over 50 years,” Mr Barwell said.

“I am proud to announce this huge scheme for the Stretford Village to provide thousands of new homes for the young couples and couples looking to make the most of their lives.”

He said the scheme would be funded by the Government’s Housing New Zealand Fund.

The fund was set up by the Prime Minister to fund affordable housing for the vulnerable.

Stretfords Village, in the middle of the village, is a hub of arts and cultural life.

It attracts a diverse range of cultural activities including theatre, dance and music.

The town is home to the Strive for Change Youth Centre, the Streatham Community Centre, Streatburgh Community Centre and the Streteton Community Centre.

The centre offers support services to young people and families in need of support.

It also provides a range of support and training for local businesses.

The Government announced that another £5m would be earmarked for projects for the area.

Mr Barwood said the village was looking forward to welcoming young families.

“The new homes will bring people together to live together more easily, work together, play together, live in harmony and be part of a community that is healthy, vibrant and safe,” he said.

He said there would be “many opportunities” to live in the new homes and work in their local community.

“Many young people are currently looking to settle down in Stretts village because of their age, so this scheme is designed to help them with that,” he added.

The Strettenans Village is about 15 kilometres from Streatbury, the area’s main industrial town.

Mr Strettell said the homes would be affordable to young families who were considering a move to the area from their traditional homes.

“This scheme will make it easier for people to stay together in the area, and they will have the option of living in the town rather than going to Streatburg,” he explained.


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