Which polyester shirt fits your body?

Which polyester shirt fits your body?

The world’s favourite polyester shirts are all about style and comfort, but there are some that might be a little bit too big for your chest. 

Here’s our guide to which polyester is best for you. 


Polyester t shirt: This shirt is made of a polyester blend fabric that can stretch and flex like a fabric t shirt. 


Polyfibre: This material is made from fibres that can be spun into fibres for textile-making. 


Polyamide: This is an elastane-based, high-tech material that is usually used for building insulation.

It’s a lightweight material and is generally considered to be the most breathable material. 


Fleece: The outermost layer of the shirt that is made up of nylon and polyester fibers. 


Polypropylene: This lightweight and soft material is used in many fabrics. 


Felt: This layer is made with elastic, which is a soft, stretchy fabric that has a high-density polyester core. 


Silk: This fabric is a very lightweight and stretchy material, used in everything from fabrics to socks.

It has a soft feel, but is made by sewing together different layers. 


Cotton: This soft, synthetic fabric is often used in clothing and in many types of textile.

It is often mixed with polyester for a fabric that is very stretchy. 


Polyurethane: This light and stretchable material is also used in fabrics and polyurethanes are made by spinning yarns together. 


Stretch: This stretchy, stretchable fabric is made using polyester and other polymers, and is often called the softest fabric. 


Polyethylene: This heavy-duty, long-lasting fabric is used for construction and is used widely in a variety of industries. 


Polyacrylic: This synthetic fabric that offers a strong and flexible feel.

It also comes in a wide range of colours. 


Polyvinyl chloride: This high-performance polyester fabric has a light, flexible feel and is very comfortable to wear.

It can also be used for making shoes. 


Polystyrene: This flexible, flexible material can be used in plastics, and it’s used for the lining of some food containers. 


Poly(vinyl alcohol) plastic: This plastic is often referred to as a flexible plastic because it can be made with various types of plastics.

It uses polyvinyl polymers that are both strong and have a flexible, non-stick finish. 


Polyesters: Polyester is one of the most popular polymers used in the world.

It comes in many different colours and is commonly used in textile, leather and rubber. 


Polyolefin: This hard-wearing, high quality fabric is very soft and supple, and has a flexible feel but is very durable. 


Polyisoprene: Polyisosorbent is a material that has been used in polyester since the early 1800s. 


Polyamid: This thin, water-repellent material can make a very comfortable, breathable, stretch-resistant fabric.

It used to be used as a filler in plastic bottles. 


Polyfil: This durable, water repellent material is sometimes used in construction and can be found in most construction materials. 


Polyquaternium: This thick, water resistant fabric is one that has become popular in the construction industry, but it can also make great fabric for a lot of other projects. 


Polycaprolactone: This polymer is used to make polyester-based insulation. 


Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS): This is a chemical compound that has the properties of plastic and can create an extremely strong bond between materials.

It works in a number of ways, from forming the bond between fabrics to forming a flexible surface. 


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE): This soft and durable material is often found in plastics and is sometimes called a “water repellant”. 


Synthetic fibers: These are the most common synthetic fibres, and are often used for other applications.

They are often woven into fabrics and often come in a range of different colours.

Some are polyester, but others are polypropylene. 


Nylon: This fibre is used as the most durable type of nylon, and often has the same properties as nylon, but with a softer feel. 


Polyether: This one is often made from the soft, absorbent material of cotton.

It isn’t always considered to have the best stretch or durability, but many people swear by it. 28.

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